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Enjoy the many attractions that Mauritius offers without worrying about the organization or reservations. Just tell us what you want to do, be it a restaurant outing, a museum visit, a boat trip or a simple taxi reservation and we'll take care of everything for you to make your stay even more pleasant. We also offer a number of services that you will discover on this page and that you can book in advance to make sure you do not miss anything. Some of these activities can be booked by yourself on site. By booking through us, you will benefit from negotiated prices.

Sega show

Listed in 2014 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, the traditional Mauritian sega tipik is a very dynamic performance art, emblematic of the Creole community and practiced during informal family events as well as in public places. The songs, sung in a minor tone, gradually increase their rhythm, while the dancers move their hips and hands to the rhythm of the percussion, taking small steps to evolve around each other in various formations.

Each soloist improvises lyrics in Creole language, sometimes mixed with other languages, while a drum, a rattle box and a triangle give the tempo and produce the typical rhythm.

Sega songs speak of love or the difficulties of everyday life, and their lyrics are often represented in the choreography.

Traditionally, women wear long skirts and petticoats, while men wear rolled up pants, colorful shirts and straw hats, recalling the attire of their ancestors. The main practitioners are the singers, the dancers and the musicians, who transmit their knowledge in a formal as well as informal way through participation and imitation. Some practitioners also manufacture the instruments and pass on their know-how through informal learning. Representing the multiculturalism of Mauritian society, sega breaks down cultural and class barriers, creates opportunities for intercultural encounters, and unifies different groups around a shared Mauritian heritage. (Unesco)

It is for this reason that we recommend that you do not leave Mauritius without having attended a Sega show. We would be very happy to organize this show especially for you when you arrive at the residence.

Watch and swim with dolphins

Dolphins fascinate men by their intelligence but also by the relationship they can create with them. Unlike many species, the dolphin is not afraid of us and is easily approached. Moreover, he often accompanies men on the high seas: in Mauritania or Brazil, he helps fishermen by pushing the fish in their nets,


it has also seen guiding boats to avoid sandbanks and even save swimmers from drowning. But besides his exploits, it is his player character that makes him so endearing. He loves to jump out of water up to 6m high, he surfs with pleasure on the waves in the furrow of the boats and is sometimes surprised in the middle of a ball, throwing with his muzzle a piece of wood to his congeners.

Where can we swim with Dolphins? In Mauritius, they will be found in the bay of Black River or the Bay of Tamarin, starting from the beaches of the Southwest and La Gaulette. They are long-beaked dolphins that are said to be especially acrobats: the best at the twisted jump, able to do four tendrils on themselves! Ask our manager if you want him to organize a memorable picnic day on the island to the holy water during which you can approach the dolphins.

Visiting Ile aux cerfs

This uninhabited islet is one of the most beautiful sites on the island. It is a must if you decide to make a getaway in the north-east of Mauritius. There are different ways to access Deer Island and discover this iconic site. A water taxi is responsible for shuttles between Trou d'Eau Douce and Ile aux Cerfs every 20 minutes from 9am in the morning. We strongly recommend that you book in advance to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Our manager will be happy to help you. You will then be free to independently discover all the beauty of Ile aux Cerfs and spend the day or half day there.

Airport transfer

There is nothing worse than to arrive in a country for the first time and struggle to find a taxi or find one who does not know where is our residence. To avoid this, we recommend that you let us organise this for you. You will be met at the airport by our taxi and he will drive you straight away to Résidence Les Alizés. You don't have to worry about queuing at the Bureau de change to get Mauritian Ruppees as you won't have to pay immediately.

Location de voitures

Except if you have decided to spend your vacation only at the beach or at the residence, you will probably need to move around and even beyond. Mauritius is rich in natural and historical sites that you will want to visit easily. In this case, the solution will probably involve renting a car. In Mauritius, it is possible to rent cars at all prices because unlike in many countries, it is possible to rent cars that are not always well maintained. It is not uncommon, for example, to hire cars with damaged tires.

We therefore offer our help to find you a rental car in good condition at the best price. Consult us, you will be pleasantly surprised!

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