Although there are many activities in Mauritius, here are some ideas for activities that you can easily practice in Bel Ombre or in the surrounding area. It is not a question of proposing a program but simply to give you some ideas for the first days of your stay at autentik garden. Unlike the North, the south of Mauritius is still preserved and will delight those in search of authenticity. Here, during your various activities, often in the middle of nature, you will not miss to mix with the local population. It's the magic of the southwest, the authentic Mauritius.

Le Morne Beach

Le Morne beach is probably the most beautiful in Mauritius, white sand, warm water, turquoise and transparent, you can only be seduced. Part of the beach and public and the other part located in front of the large hotels that follow. Well oriented, it enjoys sunshine throughout the day. The setting is magnificent. Turn around and admire the Morne Brabant mountain which majestically seems to watch over you. A unique spectacle not to be missed which you will never tire of. Sheltered from the prevailing winds, it is ideal for the whole family.

For surfers, kitesurfers and windsurfers, there is a second beach in Le Morne where the winds blow regularly.

Other beaches worthy of interest such as La Preneuse, a few kilometers to the North or Bel Ombre twenty minutes to the South are close enough for you to get there. Even if it is common to speak of public or private beaches in Mauritius, they are actually all public and nobody can prevent you from accessing them, which many Mauritians and tourists do not know

Kitesurf, stand-up paddle and windsurf

The Morne Brabant peninsula, perfectly exposed to the prevailing winds from the East and Southeast, offers an unequaled practice site to delight fans of all levels with various kinds of water sports.


A sufficiently sheltered area is reserved for initiation while those starting out in the waves can try their hand out safely about 400 meters from the beach on the small reef. With a side on shore wind the waves have a height of 0.5 to 2 m.


A less sheltered area with a lagoon bordered by a reef at 600 m allows the practice of kitesurf without difficulty in shallow water, even far from the beach, which is ideal for perfecting.


For experienced kitesurfers, there are five more or less radical waves at Le Morne including the majestic One Eye.

One Eye is one of the fastest waves in the world, a concentrate of water that wraps around the reef, massive, tubular. A wave that we recommend only to very experienced kitesurfers.

As you will have understood, what makes Le Morne's spot unique in the world is that both beginners and professionals alike can find it.


Residence les Alizés is ideally located for golf enthusiasts. No less than 3 courses are located within twenty minutes. Golf destination par excellence, Mauritius is a real delight for golfers of all levels.

You will have the choice between the Golf du Paradis, located in Le Morne, between sea and mountains, The Heritage Golf in Bel Ombre or the Tamarina Golf in Tamarin.

But also...
 Chemin Grenier market

Distance: 30 km

Located at the foot of the mountain, Chemin Grenier is a typical village that has managed to stay away from the beaten track. Its weekly market as well as its numerous shops attract Mauritians in number.

Stroll down the main street, widen your eyes, you are completely out of place.

The streets are full of onlookers who move from stalls to stalls. The scents of spices mingle with the smells of food cooked on site for your enjoyment. The many colors of the vegetables carefully arranged on the stalls as well as the hundreds of colors of fabrics and saris are a real feast for the eyes.


You can go to Chemin Grenier by bus or share one of the cars that frequently stop at the bus stop located 30 seconds from the residence

Enjoy a dinner with a Mauritian family

Distance: 21 km

Many holidaymakers leave Mauritius without having met any Mauritian outside their hotel or the airport. It would be a shame not to know the legendary hospitality and simplicity of this friendly people.

Why, for a meal, instead of going to a restaurant, not to share the daily life of a Mauritian family? Not only will you enjoy a good traditional meal, you will help a local family financially, but you may also make new friends. Moments that will remain etched in your memory forever. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

The seven colours earth

Distance: 7 km

The "Terre des Sept Couleurs" is a geological formation and an important tourist attraction located in the plain of Chamarel in the district of Black River, in the south-west of Mauritius.

It is a sandy area with seven distinct colors giving a surreal aspect to the place. If sand of different colors is mixed, it will spontaneously resume its structure in very distinct layers. Magic !

Chazal - Ecotourism

Distance: 15 km

In the middle of the green hills of the South of Mauritius you will find a true haven of peace, a wonderful little corner of nature called CHAZAL. There, everything is beautiful, everything is harmony…

The visitor can choose from a variety of activities: the course of zip lines, river trekking, a hike in the Hunting Reserve…. or stroll, just enjoy the calm and the song of the birds.

Rochester Falls

Distance: 30 km

Located in the south of Mauritius, the Rochester waterfall soars into wild nature and is over 10 meters high. Famous for its rectangular rocks, the waterfall is also and above all a peaceful and calm place, It is accessible through sugar cane fields: an extraordinary experience! Please note that you will have to walk a bit to access it.

Distance: 15 km

Ganga Talao - Grand Bassin

Grand Bassin (commonly known as Ganga Talao) is a lake in an old volcanic crater located in a remote mountainous region in the district of Savanne, in the heart of Mauritius. It is located about 540 m above sea level. The first group of pilgrims who went to Ganga Talao were from the village of Triolet and it was led by Pandit Giri Gossayne of Terre Rouge in 1898.

The site is considered the most sacred Hindu place in Mauritius.

There are temples dedicated to the God Shiva and other gods including the God Hanuman, the Goddess Ganga and the God Ganesh along the lake. During Maha Shivaratri (which means the night of Lord Shiva), thousands of pilgrims in Mauritius walk barefoot from their homes to the lake.

Being the most sacred Hindu place of worship in Mauritius, people of all religions, locals and foreigners visit the site with the utmost respect and decency, thereby enjoying the spiritual bliss of this land and its holy waters. (Wikipedia)

Distance: 19 km

The tea route

The Tea Route is a Mauritian tourist route connecting Curepipe, a city in the center of Mauritius located in the Plains Wilhems, to Souillac, a village on its southern coast. At the same time gastronomic, historical and cultural, this route allows you to discover tea, sugar cane and vanilla farms through three domains, witnesses of the island's colonial past: the Aubineaux, Bois Chéri and Saint Aubin. (Wikipedia)

Distance: 40 km

La Vanille Nature Park

This park created in 1985 reproduces and breeds crocodiles (crocodilus niloticus) imported from Madagascar. There are about 2,000 of them, half of which are devoted to conservation projects and the preservation of the species. from babies of a few centimeters long in the nursery to the monsters in the breeding area. Some are very impressive (5 to 6 m long) and have teeth that make you shudder ... The setting is also remarkable: a dense and well-preserved tropical forest, traversed by a myriad of trails. There, in the shade of giant bamboos and exotic and native trees, lie a few freshwater basins, fed by springs that never run dry, even in severe drought. Buffalo toads, Japanese carp, eels, softshell turtles, and Indian and common carp are raised here. The park is also home for monkeys, lemurs, brown pigs, bats, deer, mongooses, geckos ... and some less local species (caimans, iguanas, alligators ... (Le Petit futé)

Distance: 5 km

Chamarel rum distillery

One of the peculiarities of La Rhumerie is that it has been designed from its conception to offer a complete tourist experience. Architectural space on a human scale, created by the Mauritian architect
Maurice Giraud, gives a feeling of well-being. The use of natural materials such as wood, stone and water gives it an elegant and authentic "soul" and certainly makes it one of the most beautiful "factories" to visit.

The other special feature of La Rhumerie is that it was created to produce high quality agricultural rum. This is the magic of this transformation that will be told to you by professional guides throughout an "aesthetic" and secure visit of the manufacturing process. At the end, after having seen the copper stills and the cellars where the oak barrels proudly sit enthroned, visitors will be able to taste all the agricultural rums of the House free of charge: White Rums, High Rums in Wood , Old Rum, Arranged Rums & Rum-based Liqueurs. The restaurant is very good and the visit is free for the customers of the restaurant.

Distance: 6 km

Chamarel waterfall

This waterfall is fed by the St Denis and Viande salée rivers and is about 100 meters high. The period with the highest flow is between December and April, due to the heavy summer rains and the cyclonic period. A promontory offers an overhanging point of view; it is also possible to descend and bathe there. (Wikipedia)

Casela leisure park

Distance: 15 km

Casela World of Adventures is the most visited attraction in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean. Open all year except for Christmas and New Year's day, the adventure park has welcomed Mauritians and tourists of all ages since 1979. Overlooking cane fields on the west coast of the island, with the Rempart mountain in as a backdrop, Casela probably takes its name from "Lakaz-la", which means "The house" in the local language. Initially a bird sanctuary, the park was born from the vision of a group of nature lovers who wanted to save the trees that grew on the site from being cut down by creating a garden. Casela World of Adventures promises a unique and entertaining experience for families, honeymooners and groups. A variety of thrilling adventures are on offer, including an African safari, unforgettable interaction with big cats, as well as picturesque toboggans and zip lines unique to the island. The western part of Mauritius is also the only place in the world where you can swim with dolphins in the morning, go on a camel safari in the middle of the day and walk with lions in the afternoon! (Casela world of adventures)

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